Why Choose Us?

At Picture Me Baby, we are mothers ourselves, who understand the magic and excitement of seeing your baby for the first time. We strive to give you the best experience possible, and to help you create memories that will last a lifetime. Here are a few other reasons that Picture Me Baby is the perfect fit for your family, and your new bundle of joy.

  1. We are pioneers of 5D Ultrasound Technology

We weren’t just the first ultrasound studio in Fayetteville to offer 5D ultrasounds- we were the first in the ENTIRE state of North Carolina! Our expertise with this equipment means we will be able to get the best pictures of baby possible.

  1. Our 5D Scans are Complimentary

We offer FREE 5D scans with the purchase of our 3D/4D packages. So not only do we offer this limited technology, but we also don’t make you pay an extra for it.

  1. We Work Under a Certified Obstetrician

Picture Me Baby isn’t just any regular ultrasound studio. We are under the office of Dr. Andre Hall, a board certified OBGYN with over 20 years of experience. Not only does this mean we have a doctor on call if necessary, it also means we can provide you with your baby’s weight and measurements. We are the only 5D studio in the area that is authorized to do this. If you have insurance, you are more than welcome to begin or continue your care at Dr. Hall’s office.

  1. We Offer Limited Diagnostic Scans

Most ultrasound studios can only offer scans after your pregnancy has progressed past a certain point. We can offer limited diagnostic scans for women who are under 9 weeks- allowing us to confirm your pregnancy, determine multiple pregnancies, provide you with weight and measurements, black & white prints, and more. Click here to learn more!

  1. We Have A Cozy Atmosphere

While we are attached to a medical office, you won’t experience that feeling in our ultrasound studio. We have a cozy, home-like feeling, with plenty of seating and a flat screen monitor to accommodate anyone you would like to share this memory with.

  1. We Allow Children In Our Studio

Many times, ultrasound studios do not allow other children to be in their facility. It’s important to us that your entire family is welcome, and is part of this exciting experience. We even provide toys to help keep your kiddos occupied! The only thing we ask is that you make sure there is another adult present for supervision.

  1. We Offer Trice-Imaging

We love that we can offer traditional photo-sharing options with our clients, such as prints, CDs and DVDs, but we also offer Trice-Imaging, which allows you to share all of your photos and videos with your family and friends through email and smartphone.